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Drum programming – why and when to use it

Do you need accoustic drum track for your musical piece?
Well, the best way to to get it is to call up the drummer, and go to good sound-recording studio.
However, if for some reason you cannot or you do not wish to do this that way – there is also other way to get drum tracks for your music –¬† midi programming / playing. You can do it yourself – i.e. buy some great sample library and use it with your sequencer software. Some non-drummer musicians can make this pretty well. However if you read this text, I suppose that you probably wouldn’t like to do it yourself. Not sure, just suppose.

Some reasons for whom it is proper to use well-programmed drums:

Using top-quality sample-sets, makes possible to obtain drum part sounding much better than drums recorded in cheap studio – if the programmer or e-drummer knows his job of course – if so, there is possible to reach really excellent results.
It is so, because good samples were recorded by top-class sound-engineers, in best sounding studios, equipped with the best gear available. Played of course by professional musicians with perfect articulation.
Body who specializes in programming of drum tracks, nearly ever will do this better than somebody who makes this for the first time.