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Links to websites offering free:
audio samples, loops, audio plugins & virtual instruments

Audio plugins
SIR Reverb Free convolution reverb .. Very good!
NoiseVault Studio Impulses for convolution reverbs and not only..
DASAMPLE GlaceVerb Fine reverb plugin (freeware). No longer available on – you can get it from KVR
SinusWeb VST plugins: gate, compressors, filter, free reverb.
Kjaerhus Audio VST plugins: free classic-series – freeware Excelent site – lots of freeware, not only plugins.
Voxengo – Free Reverb Impulses

Voxengo – Free VST Plug-Ins

Free convolution impulses and some free plugins.
mda-vst VST plugins and some instruments.
smartelectronix Nice site, great plugins..
digitalfishphones VST & AU plugins including “Fish Fillets”.
Elogoxa VST Plugins Plugins & synths VST.
The Interruptor Siren type noises? – there is a plugin..
SoundEditor Many plugins and not only.. – The Ultimate List of Free VST Plugins as in link title..
Slim Slow Slider Dynamic processors, delay, eq, distortion, modulation.
SimulAnalog Guitar Suite Set of guitar efects and two amplifiers.
Angular Momentum VST/VSTi VST instruments , samples and loops – quite large resources, also in rx2 format. Dedicated to Trance, House etc. 🙂
AG-Works Audio Plugins Free VST plugins – Sonogram, Chorus CH-1, CH-2.
Betabugs Interresting plug-ins. Some of those also for Mac.
Twisted Lemon Plugins VST: SideKick – side chain emulator (Shareware), FFTfun Dynamic Delay (Freeware), FlyBaby – digital model of “Cry Baby” guitar effect (Freeware).
Antress Modern Plugins A lot of interresting plugins VST – compressors and not only. Great!
Musicrow Preamp Emulator Easy to use – tube preamp emulator.
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Audio editors, sequencers
Audacity Audio editor, multitrack. No midi.
KRISTAL Audio Engine One of most preferred. ASIO, VST support. 16 audio tracks. No midi.
Anvil Studio Multitrack audio & midi.
Midi Locator Audio/Midi sequencer for standard MIDI files. Uses also integrated “Virtual Sample Player”.
ACIDXPress (FREE) Free version of ACID tracker
Samples and soundbanks
ReasonStation Huge collection of free Reason refils.
DORU MALAIA WORLD Reason resources and not only. Many links.
Raapie Same as above.. – Free Samples, Loops, Tutorials and Pro Audio Resources Many, many loops and more..
Download Drum Loops And Drum Samples@ Jim Samples, loops and custom drumtracks.
DDM-10 Samples Sampled sounds of Korg DDM-110.
MedianMusic Samples and loops.
Pinknoise Studio’s SoundBank Sounds in format: wav, SF2, TTi, Giga, Reason.
Modern Beats After member registration, free Hip-Hop sample-set is available. Good stuff.. Many free loops in Ogg format.
Brian Petty Loops Loops in aif format.
Drum Loop Central Another loops resource.
PhatDrumLoops ..Phat drum loops – big collection.
Session Drummers Online Drum loops, large set.
PlanetSample Free samples and loops.
Reason Fan Reason users resource. Many free patches.
Musicians Media Loops
sonichound Idividual sample-packs . Drum-machines, bass and synth samples.
Bigfoot of samples Sample categories: loops, drum elements, basses and vocals.
Jasper’s Audio Samples Page Nice prepared loop and sample-sets.
Free Classical Soundsamples Classical instuments sounds in soundfont (sf2) format.
Bass Culture Samples: D&B, Hip Hop, Trance. Many samples & loops. Wav format.
MeanBeat Both – acoustic and “electronic” samples.
University of Iova – Electronic Music Studios High quality samples of classical instruments. Slow server.
Hary Morse Project Reason sounds – Dance
Sounds For Samplers Hip hop Samples
FreeSamples – An awesome new sample every day! Free samples created by Northeastern University faculty and students.
SF2 Soundfont Files Free SF2 soundbanks Many free soundfonts.
TuneSmith Central Banksets Soundfont banks. Synthetic samples and loops.
Kreativ Sounds Some free Reason refills.
Sudden Sound Studio Ethnic percussion instruments samples
ReasonBanks Free Reason refills for registered members.
Equipped Music (e-lab) E-lab reactivated! About 100MB of free REX2’s and refil’s
Live!Center – Sound Fonts Free soundfont banks – many categories. Samples & Loops Link Directory
GSCW drums Two fine acoustic drum kits Drum kits for NI Battery
Sample-City Free drum samples
SPE3D Free sample packs(also drums for Battery2 & Kontakt2) and sounds of: water, fire, rain etc.
SampleStream Acoustic drums 24/96 + some add-ons(incl. split snare) Sounds in soundfont format and vst instruments/effects
The Freesound Project “Collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.”
Virtual instruments
Triangle Fine monophonic synth (freeware).
sfz – Sample player Very good sample player – can import *.sf2, *.sfz(wav, ogg) formats (freeware).
GTG Synths VST synths. Many instruments for download (freeware).
Crystal Synth Big one.. Nice one.. VST synth (freeware).
Krakli Software Synths and plugins VST (freeware).
LinPlug – Alpha Synth VST PC/Mac (freeware).
Andreas Ersson VST Plugins A few VST synths – including drum-synth. Fine..
Synth 1 One of “Must have” synths (freeware).
Loopazoid Drum sampler. Loads up to 48 samples. 64 voices, wav and aif files. PC/Mac VST (freeware).
Rogue Bass-line synth (freeware). Looks interesting..
Rhytm Rascal Virtual drum machine (freeware). Dedicated to Metal..
Oxe FM Synth FM synth (freeware).
Odo Synths Drum synths and more.
E-Phonic “Drumatic” and other synths.
Stomper Kick drum generator
Algo Music A few nice freeware synths..
Xoxos Freeware Interesting VST instruments created by SynthEdit. Drum-synths, samplers etc.
EVM Synths Nice synthesisizers VSTi, a few available for free.
D-Lusion Drum and bass-line synthesizers. MJ Studio (DJ deck) and some other programs.
Audio community sites
KVR Audio Audio Plugin News, Reviews and Community.
ReasonFreaks Reason community site.
Synth Edit Modular Synthesiser software for Windows. Fine..
Samplepoolz Music community site.
PatchArena Free banks, patches / presets for VST, DX and AudioUnits plugin instrument (VSTi, DXi and AU) and effect plugins.
Sample Arena Music community site.
Future Producers Music community site.