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Ordering custom drum tracks online for your song

  1. Please just send me e-mail with your song enclosed or I can download it from your website or server. It doesn’t matter in which audio format, but obviously mp3 will be a smaller file than eg. wave file. Important: song should be played with metronome, and I need to know it’s tempo in BPM. As I’ll get Your song, then I can start working with drum track. I’d like also to receive from You some advices of that how should play drums in Your song – how You ‘d like so that drums play. It’s very important so that from scratch we understand well each other.
  2. When I already write down or record a “first sketch”, then I’ll send to You audio file with pre-mixed drum track for preview. I send You mp3 file, or send You link to this file – depends on how we’ll agree. Then You can check whether You accept this and whether You’d like to improve or change something. As the work with a drum track is complete, then I’ll prepare final audio tracks for You.

About audio tracks

Basically I’m working on Cubase Pro 8.5™ on PC platform. You receive from me drum tracks such as from the recording session of real drums in real studio, including microphone bleeding-if you like. Each component of the drum set is on individual track. Snare drum is on two tracks: top microphone and bottom microphone. Cymbals sounds can be enclosed in overhead stereo track or on separate stereo tracks. There is room ambience stereo track with whole drum set as well. Additionally you will receive from me stereo pre-mixed drum track. Every drum tracks are completely unprocessed (except stereo-mix), so which sound you will obtain finally, depends just on You.
Try multitrack demo:

  multitrack_demo1 (2.2 MiB, 3,984 hits)

About formats

You can choose from three types (formats) of drum track-packs:

  1. Set of audio tracks (*.wave or *.aif) which start at the same point, so this enables trouble-free importing those tracks to any multitrack audio sequencer or session
  2. Cubase Pro 8.5 (backward compatible up to Nuendo™ 5.5/Cubase™ 6) project – PC (*.cpr file + audio tracks as well)

I permanently cooperate with producers working on both PC and MAC platforms, and there are no problems with compatibility of my drum sessions. I’m workin’ in 24 or (if You wish) 16 bit resolution. Sessions are packed to *.zip, *.rar or *.sitx (for Mac users also) archives. File size of packed session averages 150~300 MB. Unpacked averages adequately more – 400~800 MB (about 4 minutes-long song). I recommend usage of any downloadmanager.

Session delivery

Once I receive your payment you’ll get from me e-mail with link to your drum-tracks pack and just download it. If you wish – I can send drum tracks on CD’s to you as well. That’s it.

Sample Libraries I’m actually using:

  • Superior Drummer® 2.0 (Toontrack)
  • New York Studios Vol.2 SDX (Toontrack)
  • The Metal Foundry SDX (Toontrack)
  • Funkmasters EZX® (Toontrack)
  • StormDrum (East West/Quantum Leap) – 6GB
  • Drumkit From Hell Superior (DFHS, Toontrack) – 35GB
  • Superior Custom & Vintage (C&V, Toontrack) – 35GB
  • Superior Vintage Add-On (Toontrack) – 8GB
  • Scarbee Imperial Drums (SID, Scarbee) – 12GB
  • Scarbee Imperial Drums XL (SID XL, Scarbee) – 47GB
  • BFD (FXPansion) – 9GB
  • BFD Deluxe Collection (FXPansion) – 55GB
  • Battery Synthetic Drums 2 (Native Instruments)
  • Real Giga Drums Personal Kits (Best Service)
  • Mixtended Drums (Wizoo)
  • Platinum 24 Latin Percussion (Wizoo)
  • ModernBeats – Premium Hip-Hop Sounds, choosen items
  • Native Instruments – Komplete 10

Demo examples of programmed drums