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Vintage drumset – multichannel drum samples of Ludwig drums

This set of drum samples was created for programming of the acoustic drumset parts in musical productions.
Disc contains set of 956 wav samples(~515MB) of my own Ludwig drum-set, recorded specially therefor in professional studio. Drum samples was compiled for using with software-samplers such as Halion™, Kontakt™ , Battery2™ and NN-XT(Reason 2)™, but it is possible to use it in any sampler accepting wav files.

Multichannel drum samples are not processed (no eq, no compression). Additionally enclosed “Economic” sample set contains mixed down, typically processed samples from multichannel set. I am also using it in common with other sample libraries in my drum-track productions.

Sound quality of examples in this section is not as good as original because of file compression for easier online-streaming . These examples suit for demonstrational purposes only.


Multichannel drum samples set consists of 4 programs-layers containing kits with samples recorded via:

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After mergence of above layers we get “Full” kit enclosing every samples. On Vintage Drumset CD you will find also “economic” sample set with 275 mixed drum-samples, offering the same articulation possibilities as multichannel set, but taking less RAM memory. There are also midi files – demo grooves, whose you may listen below:

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Before, here at this page was placed a demo multichannel flash player with channel-mixing possibilities. That demo player stopped working properly since newer (than 6) versions of adobe-flash player were installed on users browsers. We need to recode that player to fit the newest flash players requirements. Meanwhile you may check a standallone version of this demo player (flash.exe file type) which is inegrated with it’s own flash player version 6 – download below: (880.7 KiB, 2,771 hits)

Every drum set component (except hihat played with foot) is mapped on the keyboard as right and left hand (or foot) and assembles up to 12 velocity layers.
Every drum hit exists in three versions (excepting of the snare drum and bass drum hits which exists in four versions) – close (mono), overhead (stereo) and room (stereo) version. For example: when you play any drum-key, then play at once 3 samples:

  1. close mic (mono)
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  2. overhead mic (stereo)
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  3. room mic (stereo)
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In cases of snare drum and bass drum you’ll hear also samples from:

  1. snare drum’s bottom mic
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  2. bass drum’s front mic (drummers side)
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Key mapping of Vintage Drumset:


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