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Programmed acoustic drums – demo examples

Examples demo – drum beats "performed" with employment of mouse and midi keyboard. A few drumset patterns sounding so, as if were played live in the studio. Indeed, the kind of used tool hasn’t the major sense considering power of today’s computers – if anybody likes, can also play this way :-).
Experts didn’t want to believe that it is midi. Together with my drum tracks played a few of my fellows: on bass guitar played “real” Martin Lamch and Robert Szydlo, on the guitar-Mark Popow and Maciek Gladysz.
Those tunes are not any final productions – just programmed for performance demonstration, with a little bit of audio processing.

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After hearing out will be clear, wherefore on the title page I used expressions “live” drums. Some from rhythms can cause the feeling of “played casually” – the operation I applied purposely, to exhibit the essence of the possibility of drum programming. Until quite lately programmed drums matched rather with same sounding, flush played samples.

Listen to my winning entry to the Toontrack Summer Competition 2005 ,
in DFH Superior – drum programming category – click link below:

  005 - Drums Are Not Enough (unknown, 5,143 hits)

005-Drums Are Not Enough tune is featuring amazing Peter “Vino” Winnicki on the Guitar.
Multitrack drum session example:

  multitrack_demo1 (2.2 MiB, 3,984 hits)

Above is the set of non-processed audio tracks, converted to good quality mp3 files. Download these drum tracks and import to any audio-sequencer. Keep in mind that the mp3 format does not reflect real sound quality of my productions.