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Amadeusz Kuba Majerczyk – drummer’s official website

This story is about drumming and custom drum tracks production, drum samples & loops

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As a drummer, except live concerts and studio recordings for many years I create drum parts basing on audio samples.  Dispose the best drum-sample  libraries available on the market I prepare drum tracks for the polish music-producers cooperating with our well-known artists. I also produced many projects for musicians from abroad (mostly from U.S.A.) thanks to internet communication.

Here You can get custom drum tracks (played, programmed or both) to the any music composition, wherein you wish to apply the drumset and/or percussion instruments and then download these tracks ready to mixing in every studio with Digital Audio Workstation. I recommend the audience of demo examples. These are short phrases of a few rhythms programmed in midi by single hits but sounding so as if were played live by the drummer on acoustic drums. If You attend that this is impossible – listen to demo!

Vintage Drumset – I created also the drum sample-set of my own Ludwig drum set, worked out in several software-samplers formats (eg.Halion™, Kontakt, Reason 2™, Battery 2) and available on CD(~700MB). This set contains drum samples recorded by close, overhead and room microphones. There are also samples from bottom mic of the snare drum and from second mic of the bass drum from the side of kick pedal. This enables individual adjustment of the proportion of sound between close mic’s, overhead mic’s and room mic’s, as well as the independent level adjustment of each drum. read more>>

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